Scenario planning example business plan

Gather together an Advisory Board of experts in your industry, the economy, finance, geopolitics, governmental regulations and any other discipline that might affect your business.

Scenario Planning Example- Four Sections With this eye-catching scenario planning example at hand, you will save many works in creating professional diagrams. The first criterion is relevance.

Assemble your forecasts in a report that incorporates SWOT analysis--strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats--to fully discuss the scenarios you have forecast, their affects on your company and contingency plans that will mitigate those affects. If you use raw materials, forecast their probable price fluctuations and availability over that time period.

Indeed, as — in common with most forms of long-range forecasting — the use of scenarios has during the depressed trading conditions of the last decade reduced to only a handful of private-sector organisations, Shell remains almost alone amongst them in keeping the technique at the forefront of forecasting.

One of the businesses affected was a website hosting company - they did have a back up plan a business continuity plan in case of disaster and pulled out a generator that was water cooled. Navy is not going to be caught napping. Write out the scenarios. Further, policymakers can make these mistakes in a safe, unthreatening, game-like environment, while responding to a wide variety of concretely presented situations based on facts.

Second, the scenarios should be internally consistent and be perceived as such to be effective. See Kahneman and Tversky ; and A. For example, a company may discover that it needs to change contractual terms to protect against a new class of risks, or collect cash reserves to purchase anticipated technologies or equipment.

Once it develops strategic scenarios, the executive team might simply disseminate them throughout the organization to stimulate managerial thinking. For example, most companies do not plan for the kind of turmoil that they have witnessed over the past decade.

To allow the scenarios to be presented in a neat xy-diagram Identify the extremes of the possible outcomes of the two driving forces and check the dimensions for consistency and plausibility.

A power failure in your building results in two days offline for your online business. For this exercise, we decided to consider a seven-year time frame.

Third, they should be archetypal. You can easily change the number of the list shapes through Edraw. First, are the trends compatible within the chosen time frame. Set a date five years, 10 years or 20 years in the future and forecast economic conditions, such as recessions, wars, consumer buying habits and financial industry regulations.

Also, why might fee compensation, customary in consulting, legal, and accounting services, be less profitable to advertising agencies than a commission structure, which is common in real estate brokerage, sports promotion, and book writing.

And to answer this question fairly, performance must be carefully specified. Second, sensitivity analysis examines the effect of a change in one variable, keeping all other variables constant. Hence, scenario planning differs from the three aforementioned techniques in its epistemic level of analysis.

The Importance of Scenario Analysis

Important driving forces that are relatively predictable ex. Each scenario tells a story of how various elements might interact under certain conditions. In addition, legitimation criteria may be important to consider as well as the ability to refine and improve the approach as more experience is gained.

What political, economic, societal, technological, legal, and industry trends are sure to affect the issues you identified in step one. They often include elements that were not or cannot be formally modeled, such as new regulations, value shifts, or innovations. How are you going to capture learning.

Identify the departments in your company and arrange them in order of how their performance affects the profitability of the company. In terms of the overall approach to forecasting, they can be divided into three main groups of activities which are, generally speaking, common to all long range forecasting processes: Too many decision makers want to bet on one future scenario, falling prey to the seductive temptation of trying to predict the future rather than to entertain multiple futures.

If your company manufactures goods, your sales department and raw materials procurement will be vital to your company's profitability but administrative departments, such as human resources, might be at the bottom of your list.

Look back over the past ten years at the changes that have occurred in your department, organization, industry, region, country, and even the world.

For instance, an increased trade deficit may trigger an economic recession, which in turn creates unemployment and reduces domestic production. Use by managers[ edit ] The basic concepts of the process are relatively simple.

There are also less obvious examples, such as the probability that certain world-views will reign e. For each uncertainty, determine possible outcomes e. When interviewing key advertising executives inI asked them about past changes in the industry and its causescurrent trends, key uncertainties and their interrelationshipsand their overall views of the future.

Scenario planning has been used in business, notably by Royal Dutch Shell, to position the company strategically to take advantage of future opportunities and prepare for any potential problems. If uncovered through scenario planning, however, they can generate powerful insights.

“Trees don’t grow to the sky.” Business plans often extrapolate into the future trends that are clearly unsustainable.

Scenario Planning

Feb 14,  · This article explains Scenario Planning in a practical way. After reading you will understand the basics of this powerful management and strategy tool, including a practical example.

Introduction. People are confronted with Ratings: 2. Here is an example of an unexpected business crisis that affected a number of businesses in different ways; if those businesses had practiced some scenario planning - the impact on their business would likely have been minimized.

Scenario Planning Example - Venn Diagram. Sometimes Venn diagrams can be very useful in making scenario plan. Click the picture and enter into the download page to save the template. Scenario Planning Example - Six Topics. A nice template available to download and use for your scenario plan.

Feb 14,  · Scenario Planning is about making different scenarios for different future landscapes.

Scenario Planning

Using these scenarios, an organization will be able to make better decisions when problems or changes occur. An organization knows what it needs to be aware of Ratings: 2.

Scenario planning example business plan
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